Jeffrey's Fresh Meat Pet Foods are prepared five days a week, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Our food contains only the highest quality ingredients: raw, free range meats free from hormones and antibiotics, fresh organic vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Our food is a great choice for your dog or cat!

Jeffrey’s Fresh Meat Pet Foods come in 8oz, 16oz, 32oz and 64oz containers and may be purchased fresh (made that morning) or frozen.

We encourage our customers to lessen our environmental impact by returning their Jeffrey’s containers for reuse. We can pick up the containers from our delivery customers and from other retail locations that carry our foods. Compostable containers will be introduced in the near future.

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Canine Feline
Beef, Oats & Carrots Beef & Veggies
Beef, Yams & Broccoli Chicken & Veggies
Beef, Rice & Beans Lamb & Veggies
Chicken, Yams & Broccoli Turkey & Oats
Lamb, Oats & Carrots Turkey & Polenta
Lamb, Rice & Beans Turkey & Rice
Lamb, Yams & Veggies Turkey Meatfeast
Turkey, Oats & Carrots
Turkey, Rice & Beans
Turkey, Yams & Veggies

denotes a grain-free recipe.                  

We also make special diets on request for animals with specific requirements. We specialize in food allergies and kidney issues. We also make food for a wide variety of issues, including (but not limited to) heart problems, immune deficiency and joint dysfunction. We can also add additional ingredients (supplements, medications) upon request.

Feeding Recommendations

Weight 2% 4%
10lbs 3.2oz 6.4oz
20lbs 6.4oz 12.8oz
30lbs 9.6oz 19.2oz
40lbs 12.8oz 25.6oz
50lbs 16oz 32oz
60lbs 19.2oz 38.4oz
70lbs 22.4oz 44.8oz
80lbs 25.6oz 51.2oz
90lbs 28.8oz 57.6oz
100lbs 32oz 64oz

Adjust these guidelines in accordance with your pets’ age and activity level, as each animal is different. If you feed other foods in combination with Jeffrey's, reduce the amount accordingly.

Cats should be fed twice per day, so split the recommended amount into two portions. Food should be removed after a short period - half an hour is considered a good time.

Dogs can be fed once or twice a day. Many experts suggest feeding 2-4% of the body weight daily.

Transitioning to Jeffrey's

If your cat or dog has been fed a strictly commercial diet, we suggest that you introduce Jeffrey’s slowly. It is beneficial to take at least a week to allow your pet to acclimate to its new diet. Begin by mixing 1/3rd Jeffrey's and 2/3rd their current food and gradually increase until you have reached your desired proportions. If your pet is already on a varied and healthy diet, it should be easy to switch to Jeffrey's straight away.

Most dogs and cats take to our food immediately. However, our pets can become accustomed to a limited range of foods. It can be helpful to transition over a longer period of time or to add sprinkles of nutritional yeast, soy sauce or a tasty dried liver treat. We sell small packets of powdered beef liver and chicken breast to make your pets’ food more enticing.

Preparation & Storage

Jeffrey’s may be purchased fresh or frozen. If frozen, let Jeffrey's defrost fully in your refrigerator. Fresh food lasts approximately 4 days in the refrigerator. Thawed food will last approximately 3 days. No preparation is necessary.

Why feed raw?

Very simply, animals do not need their food cooked. Raw meats and vegetables contain a host of essential fatty acids, beneficial bacteria, enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants in their pure and natural state. Vitamins and minerals do not need to be synthetically produced and supplemented back into the food after they have been obliterated through cooking. They are already present and viable. There is no substitute for fresh meat pet foods.

Our companion animals thrive on raw meat diets.

Some benefits of feeding raw:
-healthier skin and coat
-less odor
-cleaner teeth and better breath
-improved digestion and nutrient absorption
-better weight control
-better dental health
-reduction of allergic symptoms
-smaller, less smelly stools
-more energy and stamina

Why do we use grains in some of our formulas?

This is a common question, especially as grain free pet foods become more prevalent. The answer is that organic grains remain highly digestible sources of protein, carbohydrate and fiber for most dogs and cats. They are less expensive than hormone and antibiotic-free meats per pound and help keep a fresh diet affordable. That aside, there is a significant ecological benefit to using less meat in our own diets and in what we feed our pets.

Generations of feeding poor quality grains in processed pet foods has resulted in a situation where more dogs and cats are developing intolerances to grain and some simply do better on a higher protein, grain free diet. That's why we offer both kinds of diets in a variety of formulas.

What do you use to make Jeffrey's Fresh Meat Pet Foods?

We only use the highest quality ingredients, chosen with respect to the impact on the earth and our environment. We use human-grade, restaurant quality, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free meat from Marin Sun Farms, Golden Gate Meat Company and A. Tarantino and Sons. We receive deliveries daily and this helps to keep our food as fresh as possible. Our organic grains and vegetables are sourced as locally as possible from our friends at Earl's Organic Produce and Giusto's Millers & Bakers. We believe in responsible, sustainable and humane farming practices and buy our ingredients from local companies who can guarantee the quality of the food they produce.

Why is it important to buy local? Buy sustainable?

Jeffrey's Fresh Meat Pet Foods are locally sourced and locally produced from sustainably raised ingredients. We believe in our responsibility to combat climate change. The best way to limit your carbon consumption is to change your consumption habits. Buying locally, sustainably produced goods limits the carbon expenditures involved in the production and use of pesticides and fertilizers and the transportation of food. That's why buying locally sourced locally produced foods are so important. Sustainable farming benefits the local community, the local economy and our environment.

Your companion benefits from the freshest, safest ingredients available.

Does Jeffrey's contain digestive enzymes? Do I need to supplement with additional enzymes?

The primary benefit of feeding a raw diet lies in the fact that raw, whole foods contain all the enzymes necessary to break themselves down. When the body doesn't have to work to produce the enzymes necessary for digestion, it can focus on keeping the rest of the body healthy. The pancreas has a break from digestive work. For that reason, healthy dogs and cats eating a raw diet do not need extra digestive enzymes.

If your dog or cat is somewhat immune-compromised, they can benefit from extra enzymes. It gives the body the signal that it really is okay to take a rest.